Stella Cole

Stella Cole is a detective inspector with the Metropolitan police. When we first meet her she is struggling to come to terms with the death of her husband in a hit and run accident. Returning to work after compassionate leave she starts reinvestigating Richard’s death.What she discovers shakes her faith in the justice system. But that’s just the beginning of her problems. Powerful people are out to silence her, and they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty. Unfortunately for them, neither is Stella. This series begins with three linked books – ‘the Revenge Trilogy’.
Stella Cole - Playing The Devil's Music
Book 8

Playing the Devil’s Music

A dead man crucified on an oak tree used by pagans. A pentagram carved into his chest. Antlers adorning his lifeless body. A horrific discovery in the autopsy room. All hallmarks of infamous serial killer Ulrik Ahlgren - the 'Brain Surgeon'. It should be an open-and-shut case. Except Ahlgren is currently locked up in Kumla Bunker, Sweden's secure prison for its most deranged killers.

'Another cracking book from Andy Maslen.'
Colin Armstrong
Book 7

Death Wears A Golden Cloak

The priest in a snow-blanketed Swedish town opens her church and discovers a dead woman on the altar. The corpse is dressed in a wedding gown and clutches a fresh bunch of cornflowers. Fatima Engquist has no signs of violence on her body and the local cops soon call the Stockholm murder squad. Kriminalinspektör Stella Cole lands the case.

With pressure from her boss and the Swedish media to produce an early result before any more dead brides turn up, Stella Cole needs to be at her sharpest to catch a serial killer who doesn’t even believe he’s evil.

'This gripped from the start, I couldn't turn the pages quick enough.'
Owen McDowall
Stella Cole - Hit And Run
Book 1

Hit And Run

Stella Cole, Richard and baby Lola. A perfect family. Stella’s a high-flying cop and Richard’s legal work aims to expose corruption in high places. But powerful people want Richard dead, and they don’t care who gets in the way. In a calculated act of violence, the family is torn apart and Stella is plunged into a nightmare of grief, barely surviving on alcohol and pills. A year later, she starts to pick apart the original investigation. Her shocking discovery forces her into a dangerous world of lies and cover-ups where the only rule is kill or be killed.

'Incredible storytelling, a disturbing, thrilling and mind blowing read.'
P A Burton
Book 2

Hit Back Harder

Detective Inspector Stella Cole only has one case. To find, and kill, the remaining members of a legal conspiracy who turned her world into ashes. But their leader, Adam Collier is her boss. And he’s pulling in friends from the underworld to take the fight to Stella. Chief among them, an Albanian drug lord nicknamed, 'The Shark'. Regrouping in Spain, Stella makes contact with an old adversary. A retired gangster named Ronnie 'The Razor' Wilks. He proposes a deal that tests Stella’s resolve to the limit.

'It's 6.15am, I've had four hours sleep and I had to finish the book.'
Joan Mackie
Book 3

Hit And Done

Detective Inspector Stella Cole has almost completed her bloody quest to avenge the hit and run killings of her husband and daughter. Only one member of the legal conspiracy who murdered them remains. But he happens to be her boss: Detective Chief Superintendent Adam Collier. And he’s not going to go down without a fight. Collier's first move is to have Stella sectioned. While she’s incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital, he hires a Maltese woman to kill her.

'Brilliant, well written, fantastic well paced read. '
A McCulloch
Andy Maslen - Let The Bones Be Charred - Book Cover
Book 4

Let The Bones Be Charred

The glamorous CEO of an anti-abortion charity has been found horribly mutilated and strangled to death in her own kitchen. Before long, the killer strikes again, and again. And now the pattern emerges. The victims are all high-profile Christians. Back from the brink of killing herself, and newly promoted to DCI, Stella Cole takes a call from her sergeant that puts her plans on hold. Stella and her team at the Special Investigations Unit are racing to stop the serial killer dubbed “Lucifer” by the media, before he can take another life.

'Brilliantly written, violent and brutal, Andy Maslen spares no punches.'
Mrs K Miles
Book 5

A Beautiful Breed of Evil

A former Swedish ambassador lies dead in his swanky Mayfair flat. With his tongue torn out and placed on a Bible. Competing theories swirl. A religious maniac? A psychopath? The truth is far darker than either. DCI Stella Cole’s search for the killer takes her to Sweden. There, she discovers a horrific chapter in the country’s history that throws the case into turmoil. Meanwhile, Stella's personal life is about to take a significant turn as her boyfriend, Jamie, suggests a change in their relationship. But as Stella tries to process what it means, she makes a fateful decision.

'He gets better and better and guarantees a page turner every time.'
Isobel Bryce
Book 6

Weep, Willow, Weep

An intruder has murdered the husband of a glamorous older lady who turns out to have an interesting past. As Stella investigates, pieces of the puzzle come together but then fly apart and she’s left wondering how she’s going to solve the case. Her boss is putting her under pressure to clear it ‘for the statistics’ and steering her towards the burglar-disturbed-in-the-act story. But then, as she grabs some time with her husband, a shocking revelation shows her what might have really happened.

'A short story that rattles along with great pace.'
Alun Humphreys
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