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Andy Maslen

Andy Maslen, author

Andy Maslen writes thrillers. Simple as that.

Maybe you prefer global action with ex-Special Forces heroes, firefights, fast cars and evil opponents. Or strong female detectives who hunt down serial killers.

How about police procedurals with troubled detectives struggling to escape their own dark secrets? Or psychological thrillers where nothing is quite what it seems?

Whatever the type of thriller you enjoy, Andy Maslen has a book (or two) that’ll be right up your street.

Andy has always written stories. Starting age six, with a (very short) story about an alien on a distant planet. He says it’s in his blood, a talent inherited from his father and grandfather.

Before settling into a life of full-time writing, Andy worked in a record shop, as a barman, as a door-to-door DIY products salesman, a cook in an Italian restaurant and an advertising copywriter.

He lives in Wiltshire.

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Tyton Press

Andy created the Tyton Press imprint to publish his fiction. His non-fiction works are published by Marshall Cavendish and Kogan Page.

The logo, drawn by Darren Bennett, is a barn owl, the scientific name for which is Tyto alba.

About andy maslen

Andy Maslen writes thrillers. Action, crime, psychological, horror. You’ll find all  his ebooks, paperbacks and audiobooks on Amazon.

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