Gabriel Wolfe

Gabriel Wolfe is ex-SAS and Parachute Regiment. He now works for a Government black ops outfit called, simply, The Department. He left the SAS with PTSD, and battles nightmares and flashbacks even as he fights his country’s enemies. They include fascist billionaires, terrorists, rogue states, organised crime groups and warlords.His partners include Britta Falskog, a glamorous veteran of Swedish Special Forces, and Eli Schochat, a Mossad agent on loan to British Intelligence. This series of gritty, violent thrillers takes you all over the world, from the UK to Hong Kong and Mainland China, South America, Africa and Russia.
Cover of Seven Seconds
Book 14

Seven Seconds

A ferocious, bloody firefight on a remote Scottish island scorched Gabriel Wolfe’s soul to cinders. It left him a broken man, consumed by rage against his unseen enemies. Now he holds two lives in his hands. His own. And that of the woman who betrayed everything he ever held dear. Everything he ever believed in. Everything he ever loved.

'Fast paced and action packed like all the other Wolfe books.'
Brian Critelli
Andy Maslen - Trigger Point - Book Cover
Book 1

Trigger Point

Meet Gabriel Wolfe. His SAS career came to an end when a covert mission in Africa was betrayed. He lost a good friend in the firefight and suffers from PTSD as a result. Now he works for his old CO, Don Webster as a government troubleshooter in a covert ops outfit called The Department. As Don puts it, ‘The job’s pretty easy, Old Sport. You find trouble. And you shoot it.’

Trigger Point tells the story of his first mission for The Department. A billionaire English knight, Sir Toby Maitland, is using his vast wealth to raise a private army. His goal? Nothing less than 10 Downing Street.

'Absolutely brilliant. Needless to say I will be purchasing all of the Gabriel Wolfe books.'
Bev Jarvis

Reversal Of Fortune

In this short story, a walk with his friend's terrier turns into a mission to exact retribution on a local bully when Gabriel finds one of his female neighbours crying at the wheel of her car. Lander Reeve is a mega-successful bond trader with a big mouth and an even bigger SUV. He's been running Gabriel's neighbour off the road and Gabriel decides it's time to put a stop to the man's behaviour. For good. A midnight mission to recce the bully's property gives Gabriel the idea for some poetic justice.

'And a moral to be learned by everyone. I really enjoyed it.'
Ruby Newman
Book 2

Blind Impact

British pilots are using an experimental performance-enhancing drug. Gabriel Wolfe discovers that someone is fatally sabotaging the top-secret testing programme.

An unholy alliance of Chechen separatists and Russian gangsters want the test to fail. Then two British women are snatched by the separatists. With the Farnborough Airshow is fast approaching, Gabriel has to rescue the kidnap victims and prevent another pilot’s death.

'Would recommend this to all who enjoy the idea of having "heroes" in our midst.'
David Frearson
Book 3


A young girl detonates her suicide vest on a crowded London bus. Ex-SAS covert agent Gabriel Wolfe hunts the man who gave the order. His target is a psychopathic cult leader with a taste for classical music, fine wine and extreme violence. Gabriel must also face a sadistic Colombian cartel boss nicknamed “The Baptist”.
Lost and alone in the cult's compound in the Brazilian rainforest, Gabriel is tortured and brainwashed by “Père Christophe” and fitted with his own suicide bomb.

'Thrilling from the very first chapter until the last.'
Paul Smith
Book 4

First Casualty

Ex-SAS covert ops agent Gabriel Wolfe and his partner, Britta Falskog are in the middle of a firefight in Mozambique. They are under attack by bloodthirsty militia fighters commanded by the terrifying Mama Chissano. Gabriel flew to Mozambique in search of the mortal remains of his friend and former comrade Mickey “Smudge” Smith. As he begins to uncover the truth about Smudge's death, Gabriel sees that his adversaries have spun a web of betrayal that stretches right back to his last, fateful mission in the SAS.

'Loved every page of the twists, turns and intrigue.'
Terry Maywood
Andy Maslen - Fury - Book Cover
Book 5


Just when life deals SAS veteran Gabriel Wolfe a decent hand, his best friend is murdered. And Gabriel’s in the frame for the crime. Struggling to come to terms with her death, he finds his world collapsing around him. The woman calling herself Erin Ayers is rich, powerful, and very, very deadly. Erin is out for blood. Gabriel’s, mainly. But first she wants to destroy everything – and everyone – he loves. She’s hired an assassin Gabriel last met in Hong Kong to help her.

'Fast-paced, full of action and has you guessing until the end.'
Gillian Petrie
Book 6


When SAS veteran Gabriel Wolfe receives a five-word text, his self-imposed exile in Hong Kong comes to an abrupt end. Honouring a blood oath he swore with Vinnie Calder, Gabriel investigates how the ex-Delta Force sniper ended up dead in the middle of the Texan desert. What he discovers shocks the battle-hardened soldier to the depths of his soul. Assisted by biotechnology tycoon, Clark Orton, a deniable CIA team is planning to trial a new biological weapon on Cambodian orphans.

'100% recommend to anybody looking for a cracking yarn.'
Ian Brown
Book 7


Gabriel Wolfe and his partner, Eli Schochat have flown to Cambodia to assassinate an ex-Khmer Rouge warlord. By a freakish stroke of good fortune, Win Yah dodges the bullet that would have exploded his skull. Wounded by a mine, Eli is captured, brutally beaten and taken into the forest to be executed. Gabriel must find her, evade recapture by the warlord’s heavily-armed gang, and get her to safety. Only then can he return to finish what Eli started.

'All the action and suspense of a novel, but you are able to read in an afternoon!'
Kathryn Defranc
Andy Maslen - No Further - Book Cover
Book 8

No Further

Kill a hostile nuclear scientist and destroy his lab deep inside Iran? Evade a squad of battle-hardened mercenaries tasked with killing you? Face a sadistic torturer inside the Ministry of Intelligence and Security? Discover the identity of a traitor inside the British Secret Intelligence Service? It's all in a day's work for Gabriel Wolfe. Still haunted by the memories of loved ones and former comrades, the British Government agent faces his toughest mission yet.

'Whilst the comparison with Lee Childs is often made, Andy is actually setting higher standards.'
Steve Manser
Andy Maslen - Torpedo - Book Cover
Book 9


Gabriel Wolfe is back in action in a three-way clash between a drug cartel, a triad and the Russian Mafiya. When he hired an assassin to kill Gabriel, Russian crime boss Max Novgorodsky made a big mistake. The assassin’s bullet missed Gabriel but took the life of one of his closest and dearest friends. Now the former SAS member has one thing on his mind. Vengeance. Halfway round the world, Colombian cartel boss Martin Ruiz sits down in a Japanese tea house to be served by his favourite geisha. But only one of them will leave in one piece.

'I just couldn’t put it down till it was finished. Fantastic.'
Patricia Stevens
Book 10

Three Kingdoms

Fang Jian runs the White Koi triad. And he does business with a senior Communist Party of China official. Now the official has a problem. A renegade Colonel ‘out west’ has set up a private kingdom centred on his missile base, He’s slaughtering the few remaining locals. Comrade Liu wants his problem dealt with through back-channels. And Fang knows just the man for the job.

'Easily the best Wolfe to date and that is saying something'
Nigel Saunders
Andy Maslen - Ivory Nation - Book
Book 11

Ivory Nation

A troop of paras stumble on an elephant's butchered corpse. A sniper observes a glamorous Royal couple on their wedding day. A charismatic ultra-left politician sees his chance to strut on the world stage. What happens next sends ex-SAS member Gabriel Wolfe deep into the heart of a global web of intrigue, ivory poaching and political corruption. Gabriel and Eli find themselves caught in a complex and bloody maze of lies, evasions, criminal deals and power-hungry politicians who believe destiny counts for more than the truth.

'The idea of bring his other character Stella Cole into the book was a touch of genius.'
William Feasey
Book 12

Crooked Shadow

Gabriel Wolfe has seen many faces of evil, fought it, and won. On his latest mission, a stone-cold quest for vengeance, he’s flying solo. He's on administrative suspension after a car crash that almost cost a man his life.

That means no backup from his boss, no support if things turn nasty, just him, his wits and his resolve to see justice done. And what justice. Tracking down the corrupt cop who ripped Gabriel’s family apart, causing the deaths of his brother and his parents.

'Definitely up there with the best of Andy's Wolfe series. Literally unputdownable.'
Mike Sparrow
Book 13

Brass Vows

Almost out of ammunition, but not resolve, the Department operative is pinned down by Taliban fighters deep in the barren terrain outside Kandahar. He swears that if he escapes this firefight he will visit vengeance on the man who betrayed him ... at the top of his own organisation. Then a grenade lands at his feet...

'It's fantastic.... You did it again right at the end... Had me going one way.. then WHACK.... WTF! '
Kevin Davies
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