Detective Ballantyne

Detective Sergeant Kat Ballantyne has a guilty secret that drives her to solve homicides. Her best friend from school, Liv, was a serial killer's last victim. Kat should have been with her the night the Origami Killer took her. And she can't stop blaming herself.As if life wasn't complicated enough, Kat's father is a wealthy property developer with financial ties to her boss, DI Stuart 'Carve-Up' Carver. Carver seems hell-bent on derailing Kat's career at every turn. So when a dead girl turns up bearing the signature of the Origami Killer, Kat has enemies inside and outside the police to face down.
Detective Ballantyne - The Seventh Girl
Book 1

The Seventh Girl

Fifteen years ago, a serial killer was on a rampage murdering young women in Middlehampton. Then, suddenly, the killings stopped, and the murderer was never found…

So when the body of another young woman is found bearing the twisted killer’s unique hallmark—the overpowering stench of lavender and an origami heart—DS Kat Ballantyne knows this can only mean one thing: the killer is back.

Awesome! Never saw the big twist coming!
J Kelly
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