Green-Eyed Mobster

"Andy Maslen has written a sharp, witty take on the hardboiled crime novels of the 1930s, set in a gritty, neon-lit, modern-day Chicago. Expect sex, betrayal, deceit, violence, corruption ... and a tricky relationship with a hatstand."

Welcome to P.I. Art Zeffer's Chicago. A town where the rats have concealed-carry licences. The mobsters act legit. And dirty cops are out for everything they can get. He's having a so-so day when an emerald-eyed redhead strolls into his office and sets his world on fire.

'If you like the hardboiled crime fiction genre, you'll love this!'
Bill Loy

Purity Kills

As a baby, Tara Wolfe was kidnapped by Hong Kong triads. After a bungled ransom demand, she was taken secretly to the mainland. Now known as Wei Mei, she has known no other life but the rural village where ‘Mummy Rita’ raised her. When men with guns arrive in the village looking for her, she runs away to the Chinese megacity of Shenzhen, and a life on the streets.

Witnessed by a talent scout defending herself from an assault by three rich kids, Mei is recruited for a Communist Party school for assassins. The training is brutal, but Mei makes a couple of friends along the way: ‘Rats’ and ‘Sis’. Then, after an arduous training exercise, something happens that tears the tight-knit trio apart.

'an exciting look into the years Tara and Gabriel were apart.'
Sara Sullivan

Blood Loss

Caroline Murray thinks vampires are the stuff of fantasy. A successful lawyer, engaged to a brilliant, if erratic, scientist, she has no idea of the horror about to engulf her. Ariane Van Helsing knows all about vampires. Her family have been fighting the lamia, as they call them, for centuries. She tries to convince Caroline of the danger facing her and her fiancé. She fails. At first. In a series of journal entries, texts, emails, blog posts and "Hunt Books", we learn how Caroline discovers the truth about vampires. Their leader in the UK, Peta Velds. And what she has to sacrifice to defeat them.

'If you're like me and enjoy a good solid vampire story, give this one a go.'
K Jones
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