Why “Write What You Know” is Such Bad Advice for Writers

Ask around for tips on how to get started as a novelist and you’ll probably hear this piece of advice. “Write what you know.” It’s supposed to be helpful, in suggesting that you mine your own experience for ideas. Much better than chewing through a forest’s worth of pencils while you strain for that “original” […]

What I’ve learned in my first year as an indie author

The four, naked, unarmed men stood shivering on the edge of the cliff. That was the first line of the book that became Trigger Point, my first novel. I wrote it on 29 March 2015. By hand. In pencil. In a notebook. Old school. By the time Trigger Point came out, on 29 October 2015, […]

Introducing the third Gabriel Wolfe thriller

  My new Gabriel Wolfe novel is called Condor. I’m thinking of launching it at the end of July, just in time to catch the beach-reading reading season. The story begins with a terrorist attack on a London bus. Gabriel is caught up in the bloody aftermath and decides he’s going to find out who ordered […]