The easy 3-step route to leaving your Amazon review

Thanks for joining my Advance Reviewers’ Club (ARC). Your help in spreading the word about my books means a lot to me.

I know from talking to a few readers that some folk find the actual process of writing and leaving a review on Amazon (and the other book selling platforms) a bit tricky.

So I set out to write a really simple, step-by-step guide for you, in case you need it.

But first, I want to get one really, really important point across. Ready?

You don’t have to write a long, essay-type review with lots of fancy language.

In fact, the more it sounds  like you writing from the heart the better. It’s more believable and more authentic.

A handful of words are fine – as are a few paragraphs. Just put down whatever you feel sums up your feelings about the book.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, here’s my step-by-step guide to leaving a review on Amazon

STEP 1: find the book

Log in to Amazon and search for the title + the author’s name. As an example, I typed in “andy maslen fury” but you can search for whichever book you’re reviewing. Then you click on the reviews link I’ve highlighted below.

STEP 2: scroll down to the reviews.

Clicking that link takes you down to the existing reviews. Hit the grey rectangular button that says, “Write a customer review”.

STEP 3: write and post your review.

That takes you to this view. Just type in what you want to say (or paste from Word) and hit the yellow “Submit” button.

That’s all there is to it. Remember that although on Kindles you have the option of rating the book there and then, you still need to go to Amazon to leave an actual review.

If you have any queries on this, please email me and I’ll sort it out with you.

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