Trailer for Hit and Run

Just received the finished trailer for Hit and Run, the first in the projected Stella Cole trilogy.

Trailer for my free books offer

I asked my good friend Kristin Corres at Corr Commercials to make a new trailer for 2017 to advertise my free books offer. What do you think? (The link takes you to my YouTube channel.)

First Casualty: update

September started with a bang – I’m back on track and working through my proofreader’s comments on Gabriel Wolfe #4 – First Casualty. The title comes from a phrase usually attributed to the Greek dramatist Aeschylus: “In war, the first casualty is truth”. The story concerns Gabriel Wolfe’s attempt to recover the mortal remains of […]

Introducing the third Gabriel Wolfe thriller

  My new Gabriel Wolfe novel is called Condor. I’m thinking of launching it at the end of July, just in time to catch the beach-reading reading season. The story begins with a terrorist attack on a London bus. Gabriel is caught up in the bloody aftermath and decides he’s going to find out who ordered […]

Pieces Like Pottery by Dan Buri

One thing I’m discovering fast as an indie author is the amazing global community of authors willing to help each other out. One of the writers who’s helped me publicise my own novels is US attorney Dan Buri. Dan’s an author in his own right. His first collection of short fiction is called Pieces Like […]

Gearing up for my first advertising campaign

I am taking a short break from the business of writing so I can focus on the writing of business. Specifically, I am working through the excellent Self-Publishing Formula course offered by indie publishing legend Mark Dawson. I have my first ad designed and ready to go. I have my giveaways (reader magnets) uploaded. I […]

First chapter of my novel – Trigger Point

A right-wing billionaire is standing for Parliament. To help him, he enlists the help of ex-SAS soldier, Gabriel Wolfe. Gabriel left the Army after a covert mission went disastrously wrong and has sworn never to cause another man’s death. It quickly becomes clear that Sir Toby Maitland’s ambitions extend far beyond a seat as an […]

All that she held sacred – short story

I wrote this a while ago. It was an attempt at flash fiction – 500 words or fewer. * From her sunlit table across the square, Rafaella D’Agostini watched the shiny black Lancia parked outside the courthouse. It belonged to the Chief of Police. The bomb beneath it was the work of Nino, the boy […]