Best-selling author Andy Maslen writes series and standalone thrillers featuring tough but vulnerable heroes – of both sexes. You can enjoy his stories on ebook, paperback and audiobook.

Maybe you prefer global action with ex-Special Forces heroes, firefights, fast cars and evil opponents. Or strong female detectives who hunt down serial killers.

How about police procedurals with troubled detectives struggling to escape their own dark secrets? Or psychological thrillers where nothing is quite what it seems?

Whatever the type of thriller you enjoy, Andy Maslen has a book (or two) that’ll be right up your street.

'Maslen is a brilliant author and his books are addictive.'

Which series is right for you?

Inspector Ford

A homicide detective with a dark secret

Gabriel Wolfe

An ex-SAS assassin battling PTSD

Stella Cole

A female cop out for revenge

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Andy Maslen writes thrillers. Action, crime, psychological, horror. You’ll find all  his ebooks, paperbacks and audiobooks on Amazon.

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