Gabriel Wolfe receives a five-word text that abruptly ends his self-imposed exile in Hong Kong. Honouring a blood oath he swore with Vinnie Calder, Gabriel investigates how the ex-Delta Force sniper ended up dead in the middle of the Texan desert. What he discovers shakes him to the depths of his soul.

Trigger Point

A suicide bomber boards a crowded London bus. Gabriel is having a coffee just yards away. In the ensuing carnage, Gabriel is plunged into a bloody memory of his last, botched mission. Gabriel’s desire for vengeance leads him to a religious cult in the Amazon.

Hit and Run

After a hit-and-run driver kills her lawyer husband, Detective Inspector Stella Cole secretly re-investigates his death and begins to suspect a cover-up. Stella thinks she’s closing in on the truth. Then a horrific discovery threatens her very sanity.

Reversal of Fortune

When he discovers a woman crying in her car, Gabriel learns that a local bigshot has been making her life a misery.  A one-man covert operation follows in which surveillance and swift retribution are the order of the day.

Just when life deals Gabriel a decent hand, his best friend is murdered. And Gabriel’s in the frame for the crime. Struggling to come to terms with her death, he finds his world collapsing around him. The woman calling herself Erin Ayers is rich, powerful, and very, very deadly. And she’s out for blood.

Blind Impact

Caught between Russian mafia bosses and Chechen terrorists, Gabriel has to find and free two hostages. He’s up for the challenge, but will the guilt he’s carrying from his last, disastrous, mission for the SAS overwhelm him just when he needs to be at his most focused?

Hit and Run

Detective Inspector Stella Cole only has one case. To find, and kill, the remaining members of a legal conspiracy who turned her world into ashes. But their leader, Adam Collier is her boss. And he’s pulling in friends from the underworld to take the fight to Stella.

Gabriel Wolfe Boxset 1

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First Casualty

When Gabriel travels to Africa to recover the body of a former SAS comrade, he has the backing of the British prime minister. But every favour comes at a price. Gabriel has to complete another hit before he can continue his search for salvation. What he discovers shakes his faith in everything he trusts.

Trigger Point

A right-wing billionaire is standing for Parliament. It quickly becomes clear the man’s ambitions extend far beyond a seat as an MP. Gabriel finds himself doing deals with Hells Angels in the US before the true nature of Sir Toby’s plan is revealed.

Hit and Done

Stella Cole is closing in on her final target. But her violent alter ego, “Other Stella” is increasingly unwilling to let Stella make her own decisions. When the remaining conspirators have her sectioned, it’s only the beginning of Stella’s troubles.

Gabriel Wolfe Boxset 2

Gabriel’s adventures continue in this boxset of three full-length novels. You get First Casualty, Fury and Rattlesnake. Travel with the SAS veteran across four continents as he fights evil wherever he encounters it, whatever the cost.